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Who we are ?

Dandelooo produces and distributes animated programs that make sense.

We like:
Favorites – hybrids – dark chocolate – Mexico – difference – Toulouse – tolerance – snow globes – Iceland – educational – hares – love – Annecy – lightness – cool guys and girls – children’s books – people who love us – Swiss lumberjacks who do animation – magic – JB’s jokes – our co-producers – moderately mischievous children – preschool programs – Mr. Tick Tock – the sea – meaning – Moutcho and Pitrouille – grandmothers – illustration – honesty – cheesecake with raspberry coulis – the angel of Bastille – respect – chocolate profiteroles – watercolor – Colombian chips – doing what we said we would – kitsch – the first coffee of the morning – brick buildings – life – flowers – morning mist – flip-flops.

We don’t like:
Heartbreak – things that stick – heatwaves – deception – violent programs – migraines – non-exchangeable train tickets – liars and nuisances – refusals – slaps – international stock market – the devil in the details – mean teachers and teachers who are mean – computer updates – short-term profit – noise pollution, visual pollution, mental pollution, bad smells – Venezuelan chips – dirty windows – blah-blah – lateness – people who show off – pain – lame explanations – poorly closed warm water taps.


Our team

Jean Baptiste Wery


Jean Baptiste (say John the Baptist) always wanted to become a drawer but he draws sooo badly…

So producing animation films becomes its way.

Gobelins School. Check.
Production manager at Method films. Check.
Young producer at Sacrebleu Productions. Check.
Script Editing Training at the CEEA (Paris). Check.
TF1 artistic counseler in kids dept. Check.
Nice and beautiful life at Dandelooo’s. Being Checked.

Emmanuele Petry Sirvin

Executive Producer

There are 2 kinds of people: those who love words and these who love numbers.

Despite 3 decades of development and distribution at Nelvana, Millimages and 2 Minutes, Emmanuele has still not overcome her phobia of Excel sheets, but now – happy partner at Dandelooo – she is on the right path for curing.

Agathe Chéron

Head of back-office

Bottle fed with movies (animation but not only), Agathe (the blues, the feeling, you babe) wanted to become a “music film musician” then a screenwriter and why not a projectionist.
After literary studies and a start in production, she finally joins the Dandelooo adventure where she hasn’t given hope of becoming a pro-rate champion, an expert in Dabaz, a major in channel deliveries, while continuing to cry in wonder in front of Shooom.

Gennarino Romano

International Sales Manager

Gennarino, born in Italy, grow up in Germany has finally find his place in France at Dandelooo. As Italo-Franco-Allemand he is amazed by the moving pictures and he began his Cinema studies in Germany close to the French Border. Paris was not that far away, so he put all his passports with him and discovered the wonderful world of animation.

Marion Tilquin

Financial director

Marion T (ion for the followers) is from Normandy, Burgundy and Belgium (her exotic side). After 25 years of quantified happiness including 15 years from accounts to tales (animated), she joins the Dandelooo team to…. laugh and share her love for Gifs.

Quentin Citerne-Ossola

Production accountant

Quentin (aka Happy) is passionate about basketball and French songhe alternates the manipulation of numbers and jokes a little dubious.

Elise Moret

Communication Manager

Leaving her lost countryside, Elise decided she wanted to visit the city, and arrive at Dandelooo to share her love of pop culture (and birds). Her 7 years studying communication and graphic design will not go to waste!

Margaux Bellier

Sales Manager Assistant

Born in Bretagne, and unbearably chauvinist, like everyone else there by principle , Margaux likes to take risks, like jumping off the sidewalk or hitchhiking from Paris to Budapest.

Completely amazed by the animation industry and delighted to finally have topics of discussion at the children’s table at Christmas, she joined Dandelooo to flourish in this sweet world.

Ségolène Avice

Development Manager

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Marie-Lou Arnould

Production Manager

Marie-Lou has to work to pay for the kibble for the whirlwind of a dog she has.

Lucky for her, she landed at Dandelooo, where her neuroses of file sorting and nomenclature obsession can flourish.