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Who we are ?

Dandelooo produces and distributes animated programs that make sense.

We like:

Favourites – hybrid – dark chocolate – Mexico – Difference – Toulouse – Tolerance – snow globes – Iceland – education – Love – Annecy – lightness – cool guys and gals – children’s albums – people who love us – Swiss lumberjacks who make animation – magic – jb jokes – our co-producers – children not too wise – pre-school programmes – plush toys people who love us – Swiss lumberjacks who make animated films – magic – jb’s jokes – our co-producers – children who are not too well-behaved – pre-school programmes – cuddly toys (especially Flatty Cat) – laughter – processes – the sea – Sens – surimi – thrills and chills at the cinema – grandmothers – illustration – being fair – humour – puzzles – the Bastille angel – Respect – Sohn Heung Min – chocolate profiteroles – dulce de leche – watercolours – high heels & wigs – fruit and vegetables – doing what we said we’d do – kitsch – first coffee in the morning – brick buildings – Life – flowers – morning mist – flip-flops – birds – well-filled sketchbooks – travelling – meeting people

We don’t like:
Blows to the heart – things that stink – heatwaves – disappointment – violent programmes – migraines – non-exchangeable train tickets – violent noises – pro-rata – liars and slackers – refusals – slaps – the international stock market – last-minute cancellations – the devil is in the detail – bad teachers – computer refreshes – software that crashes – short-term profit – noise, visual, mental and smelly pollution – SUVs – mansplainers – dirty windows – bad-smelling toilets – blah blah blah – being late – people who brag – pain – a sock without a pair – lame explanations – lukewarm water taps that don’t shut properly – when the coffee runs out – injustice – pop-up ads on the Internet – war in the world


Our team

Jean Baptiste Wery


Jean Baptiste (say John the Baptist) always wanted to become a drawer but he draws sooo badly…

So producing animation films becomes its way.

Gobelins School. Check.
Production manager at Method films. Check.
Young producer at Sacrebleu Productions. Check.
Script Editing Training at the CEEA (Paris). Check.
TF1 artistic counseler in kids dept. Check.
Nice and beautiful life at Dandelooo’s. Being Checked.

Emmanuele Petry Sirvin

Executive Producer

There are 2 kinds of people: those who love words and these who love numbers.

Despite 3 decades of development and distribution at Nelvana, Millimages and 2 Minutes, Emmanuele has still not overcome her phobia of Excel sheets, but now – happy partner at Dandelooo – she is on the right path for curing.

Agathe Chéron

Head of back-office

Bottle fed with movies (animation but not only), Agathe (the blues, the feeling, you babe) wanted to become a “music film musician” then a screenwriter and why not a projectionist.
After literary studies and a start in production, she finally joins the Dandelooo adventure where she hasn’t given hope of becoming a pro-rate champion, an expert in Dabaz, a major in channel deliveries, while continuing to cry in wonder in front of Shooom.

Gennarino Romano

International Sales Manager

Gennarino, born in Italy, grow up in Germany has finally find his place in France at Dandelooo. As Italo-Franco-Allemand he is amazed by the moving pictures and he began his Cinema studies in Germany close to the French Border. Paris was not that far away, so he put all his passports with him and discovered the wonderful world of animation.

Marion Tilquin

Financial director

Marion T (ion for the followers) is from Normandy, Burgundy and Belgium (her exotic side). After 25 years of quantified happiness including 15 years from accounts to tales (animated), she joins the Dandelooo team to…. laugh and share her love for Gifs.

Quentin Citerne-Ossola

Production accountant

Quentin (aka Happy) is passionate about basketball and French songhe alternates the manipulation of numbers and jokes a little dubious.

Elise Moret

Communication Manager

Leaving her lost countryside, Elise decided she wanted to visit the city, and arrive at Dandelooo to share her love of pop culture (and birds). Her 7 years studying communication and graphic design will not go to waste!

Margaux Bellier

Distribution Assistant

Born in Bretagne, and unbearably chauvinist, like everyone else there by principle , Margaux likes to take risks, like jumping off the sidewalk or hitchhiking from Paris to Budapest.

Completely amazed by the animation industry and delighted to finally have topics of discussion at the children’s table at Christmas, she joined Dandelooo to flourish in this sweet world.

Ségolène Avice

Development Manager

After a zigzagging career path – studying Russian literature, cinema, production and screenwriting – Ségolène gently lands in the world of animation.

Production manager at Xilam for 6 years, then scriptwriter for a while, she finally found her (best) place at Dandelooo. Since then, she reads (a lot), discovers gems (and there are plenty), supports authors (as best she can) and she is loving it! It’s not in every profession that you get to work with talking animals and singing earthworms! And above all, incredible talent. “No dreamer is too small. No dream is too big”

Marie-Lou Arnould

Short film Producer

Marie-Lou has to work to pay for the kibble for the whirlwind of a dog she has.

Lucky for her, she landed at Dandelooo, where her neuroses of file sorting and nomenclature obsession can flourish.

Luna Sirvin

International Sales & Acquisitions Manager Cinema

Hungry for all kind of nice stories (to read, to watch, to eat) since she was a child, Luna decides to graduate Gobelins School in Paris, and travels in Europe with Animation sans Frontières. Then she joins Folivari (at that time, she didn’t know it was a 7 year journey) to work with the development and production team. Luna is now a happy member of the Dandelooo pack, running the new Cinema departement. She can’t wait to gobble up animated features, because as one can read on Bastille’s theater : “in dark rooms, people become enlighted !”

Laura Lapeyre

Office Manager

After years of loyal service in the cinema business, Laura decided to bring her talent for organization, versatility and good humor (when there are no dishes in the sink, colleagues’ jokes are funny and there’s herbal tea) to the Dandelooo Dream Team as Office Manager.

She now thrives on working alongside those who serve up wonder with every production for little (and big) children, and trying to keep the office’s many plants alive.

Ramy Sharf

Head of Production

Hye Jin Moon

International Sales & Acquisitions Manager