Mily Miss Questions

Format : 130 x 7 ‘
S1 : 78 x 7 ‘ ; S2 : 52 x 7 ‘
Summary :
Mily wonders about her inner feelings in daily situations “why do we like to be scared?”, “what make me happy?”, “what does it mean to succeed in life?”.
She loves to share these questions with her friends, family and adults too. We don’t all have the same answers and nobody is «right» or «wrong», that ’s what makes us all different and special.
Target : Kids

Broadcast on France 5 with 400 000 weekly viewers
Over 200 sales in the world with successful ratings

Producers : Ciel de Paris Productions
Director : S1 : Alexis DUCORD and Fabrice FOUQUET (first 5 episodes) / S2 : Jeanne MEISTER
© Ciel de Paris Productions